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  1. Lemon#6688 says:

    Amazing product. It has awesome and VERY effective features. The cheat itself is also very easy to use and inject. Also if need help with the cheat Playsharp offers excellent support.

  2. Mr.Pubes says:

    The cheat itself is amazing obviously its missing features like aimbot, but the esp alone is one of the best out there, and the dev(respecter) is working hard to make these cheats better. The only downside I can say about this, is the injection method has some glitches and requires some first time system changes that are easy but still a bit tedious. Overall if your looking for a cheat that you can trust this is the right place. I have been with them for easily 7 months now and when the bypass is detected they will work hard to get the cheat back up and running again. If your looking for the worlds best cheat out there be ready to pay $200-300 a month for the cheat to only find out that once the cheat is detected your cheat will never get fixed. This is my honest review.